- Meet the names behind botanicalDEN -


The founder of this beautiful brand is Kristina, a creative soul that developed BotanicalDEN from scratch with the aim of creating something a little different and out of the norm. It is now Kristina's time to move on from Sunny Geraldton and back to her family in Victoria. She will be sorely missed!


The new owner of BotanicalDEN is Bianca. Originally from Morawa, Bianca has found her way through university studying Geology and Commerce, the mines in Tom Price and Newman  to land in Geraldton where she fell in love with her husband Darren and began her little family. After having her babies, Bianca wanted a challenge and took on Tarts and Co Catering where she cooks beautiful food for people all over Geraldton and the Midwest. 12 months later the opportunity came up to incorporate BotanicalDEN into the business and she took it on without battering an eye. 
The BotanicalDEN boutique Shopfront at 202 Marine Terrace has now been born where we create our Bloom pieces with love, care and much excitement. We love our blooms being a bit quirky and full of texture and create individual pieces - no two blooms are the same.
We want to spread the beauty and love of Rustic Native Blooms all over Geraldton and the Midwest.




botanicalDEN aims to bring fresh, fun and affordable blooms to every occasion. Whether its for a gift, an office, or your home simply because you deserve it. botanicalDEN wont disappoint! We are also available for weddings and other events on request.


With a 'petite' (small) and 'busty' (medium)  and 'bohemeth' (large) bloom available we offer free delivery for all orders Geraldton wide from Cape Burney to White Peak Monday to Friday. 

If you are purchasing your bloom for an occasion that falls on a weekend, please contact us to discuss availability for delivery on this day.